New website

It’s live! and no, it’s not done, it’s not perfect but it’s live, and as any website it is a living thing that will continue to evolve and change in time.


The first thing to stand out in this website is that it works using github pages, powered by Jekyll, a flat file website generator. You probably have heard about flat file cms, and static website generators and their advantages (simple, fast and easy to deploy).

Checklist for the new website:

  • A simple way to publish content (a blog!), and Jekyll Now offers just that.
  • Decoupled theming system that allows me to change the website design without affecting the content
  • Simple hosting, since I don’t need much space, database or dynamic content I didn’t want to deal with web hosting services and the monthly cost.

Whats next

I hope to publish blog posts about UX design, side projects and any resources I found could be useful for the rest of the community.

So if you are reading this, let me know your thoughts.

Written on May 28, 2016