Best books for every UX Designer

A list categorised based on experience level.

June 24, 2019

I am creating this list for myself (and for you of course) and because is a question I get often from people wanting to make the transition to UX Design. These are books that I have read and found useful. I have categorised them according to the moment you are in your career and the different roles and challenges you may face along the way.

Elements of User Experience BookElements of User Experience by Jesse James Garret


For anyone starting out, or simply haven’t read them, these are great books about the foundations of user experience as a discipline.

Atomic Design BookAtomic Design by Brad Frost


A mix between process, practical and theoretical books that help in your everyday practice.

Radical Candor by Kim ScottRadical Candor by Kim Scott


If you’ve chosen a management path, you probably found out that managing designers is not easy. These books will help you understand better what your role demands and be a better boss for your team.

Sprint by Jake KnappSprint by Jake Knapp


Some classic, some new(ish) methodologies to create and design digital products.

Feel free to recommend new books to add to this list, and this page will be alive and updated when I discover new books that I consider to be must reads.

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