Written on May 29, 2016

UXMad, group about UX on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn group for UX professional in Madrid as a way to connect with the UX community and share knowledge.

I moved to Madrid on 2011 and didn’t know much people in the city. I worked on digital products for some time, but I didn’t know anyone here. I tried different ways to enter the “scene” but it didn’t work out so well.

Local events

Madrid has its fair share of local events about Design, User Experience, Customer Experience and Digital products. Here is a list of some of those in case you are interested:

I attended some of these events planning to meet people, collaborate and maybe find job opportunities in the future. Apparently most people already know each other, and after a while I noticed that there wasn’t much rotation in the speakers lineup. So I stoped attending.

Other ways to network

That doesn’t mean I gave up. I looked for other ways to stay in the loop and I decided to take the matter in my own hands. I did not start a “UX and Ribs” meetup, but I did create a group on LinkedIn for UX professionals in Madrid. It’s gaining some traction and there are some job posts from time to time but people are still a bit shy when it comes to posting.

Join us

The more the merrier, so please join, introduce yourself, ask questions and make some friends, thats why I created it in the first place. If you want to join here is the link:

UX MAD on LinkedIn

Lets talk

If you think we can collaborate on a project, want me to teach a class about UX, or speak at you conference, get in touch.

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